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Best Yi 4K Sports Action Camera in May 2021

Last updated rating: 06/23/2020

Some have ventured to call it the "GoPro Killer" and although it will be necessary to see if it comes to that much, it is clear that the Chinese brands, with Xiaomi at the helm, are assuming the toughest competition from the leader in the camera market of action. But will the Xiaomi Yi 4K be up to the demands of this demanding market?

What is special and how to choose a camera?

The new Yi 4K Sports Action Camera includes some new features such as a new Sony sensor of 12 megapixels called IMX377 and a rear touch screen included in the body, something that is not usually seen in this type of devices.

Unfortunately, the Yi 4K is not going to be marketed in Spain, so it will be difficult to deal directly with the GoPro and other alternatives.

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