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Best Deck Stair Light Kits in December 2023

Last updated rating: 12/21/2021

How to choose Deck Stair Light Kits?

There are two most common types of street lighting stairs: LED lights and light boxes. There is another option for luminous steps, when the profile itself is both a lamp and a step. However, installing such a ladder is somewhat more complicated.

LED lights are usually mounted directly in steps or risers. An excellent example of a rational arrangement of lamps is installation in a wall adjacent to the stairs. But this solution is most often used inside the house.

Light boxes are mounted in steps. The profile of the steps is usually made of a wood-polymer composite, for example, made in such a way that allows you to place the LED panel under the rounded edge of the step. The light from it falls only to the lower stage and does not hit the eyes.


Rating of the Best Deck Stair Light Kits

As mentioned above, staircases use lights mounted in steps or risers.

When the design is preferable for installation in the canvas of the step, you should choose lamps for the floor with a smooth surface, which are recessed into the step and do not interfere with walking. Such lamps have matte diffusers: light does not hit the eyes.

Advice before buying

During installation, a drill is used that repeats the diameter of the lamp. Suitable drills are often included in backlight kits for customer convenience. Pay attention to it!

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