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Best Outdoor Entrance Lighting Fixtures in March 2023

Last updated rating: 12/21/2021

To illuminate the area at the entrance to the house, a lamp is usually used above the entrance or on the side of the wall. Let's consider different options.

Types of Lighting

There are a large number of models of lighting devices. They differ in technical characteristics, purpose, functionality and methods of work.


Depending on where the lamp will be placed, distinguish:

  • luminaires for rooms - suitable for installation inside the staircase, on stairwells and areas. Despite the fact that they have an anti-vandal case, their degree of protection is insufficient for outdoor conditions;
  • street lights (outdoor entrance) - the degree of protection allows you to place them on the street, they are not afraid of the ingress of small particles of dust, exposure to rain spray or low temperatures.

By the method of installing the lamp there are:

  • wall mounted on a vertical surface;
  • Ceiling - are mounted on the ceiling, are considered the best solution for lighting the entrance, because they give the largest area of ​​illumination.

If we talk about the connection method, then the lamp can be:

  • wired - connected to the cables of the electrical wiring, which must be carried out in advance and, preferably, laid in the cable channels;
  • wireless - it works using the radio signal or on batteries, it is used when it is difficult to lay the wiring, for example, on the street.

When considering different options for lighting sources in the entrance, you need to pay attention to their degree of protection. If it is a street lamp, then it should be at least IP64. The light level must comply with the standards.

Lighting devices are distinguished depending on the type of inclusion:

  • normal inclusion from the switch;
  • by motion sensor.

Types of motion sensors

The result of the work of lamps that respond to movement is one - they turn on when a person approaches them, and turn off when he moves a certain distance. The types of sensors are as follows:

  • Infrared sensor. It works on the heat coming from a living organism. It is considered one of the budget options.
  • Ultrasonic sensor. The device constantly emits ultrasonic waves, which, when faced with an obstacle in the form of a person, signal the need to turn on the light.
  • Microwave sensor. The principle of operation is similar to ultrasound, only radio waves are emitted.

A luminaire with a motion sensor is the optimal solution for an apartment building.

Benefits of LED Outdoor Entrance Lighting Fixtures

Nowadays, there are many types of light sources: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent. However, LED lamps are considered optimal in terms of quality and safety. Their main advantages are as follows:

  • Compliance with sanitary standards for lighting residential buildings, public buildings and street lighting;
  • profitability - LED lamps consume several times less electricity than other light sources;
  • environmental friendliness - do not contain harmful chemicals, like halogen or fluorescent lamps, and do not require special methods of disposal;
  • high degree of protection - there are models that are able to work even in heavy rain, they have a waterproof, shockproof housing;
  • long service life - the period of operation without replacing the device can reach 10 years;
  • ease of operation and installation.

LED luminaires have long established themselves as reliable and safe lighting fixtures.

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