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Best Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures in February 2024

Last updated rating: 12/21/2021

Wall-mounted streetlights: functional, beautiful, easy to install Wall-mounted streetlights have an undeniable advantage over other outdoor lighting systems: it is easy to install. There is no need to lead the cable, as when installing lights on the site, it is enough to drill a wall and remove the wiring from the house. Moreover, fixing a street wall lamp is not difficult: even a layman will cope with this task. Where can I use wall lights? The benefits that can be achieved through such light sources are very diverse.

Wall street lamps can be used for different purposes and territories.
1. Lighting a specific area near the house. Street wall lights are hung above the porch to easily open the locks and see people ringing the door, or above an open area next to the building.

2. Illumination of the house area. A ray of light directed at a flowerbed, sculpture, pool or walkway will bring zest to the night landscape.

3. Architectural lighting of the building. Thanks to the directed rays of light, you can pay attention to the columns, bay windows, pilasters and other facade elements.

In the production of such models are often used:

  • copper;
  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • aluminum.
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