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Best 2 Pack Low Voltage Led Flood Light Kit in September 2019

Last updated rating: 09/12/2019

Accidental electrical injury is not possible with a 12 volt system in your landscape however the same cannot be said of running 230 volt high power cables throughout the garden. Think about it, if the gardener accidently cuts a line without realizing, or an old 230 volt fixture has corroded and exposed the wiring, which is common, creates a potential disaster especially for children playing outdoors or animals.

2 pack Low Voltage Led Flood Light Kit Benefits:

  • Low voltage operating costs are approximately 1/3rd of 230 volt systems.
  • Low voltage lighting is less expensive to install than 230 volt.
  • Low voltage lighting installation is unobtrusive and is easily installed in existing landscapes with no big trenches and no damage to existing plants or trees.
  • Low voltage lighting produces a better quality of light than 230 volt.
  • Low voltage lighting offers a wider variety of fixtures and styles that are more compact offering many more beam spreads and effects needed when performing the art of landscape lighting.
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